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Fitmoo User Guide
Fitmoo is a great way to devolop your social media presence and increase your follower base in the fitness industry.
Share Your Story
Post photos, videos, and workouts to kep your audience up to date with your acitivities. Invite your followers from other social media platforms to follow you to build our follower base on Fitmoo.
Link to other Social Media
Visit "My Account," (the gear in the upper right) and scroll down to the bottom. You will see fields that let you add the URLs of your other accounts. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can be posted to from Fitmoo, while Instagram can sync automatically and post directly to Fitmoo.
Your follower base may be more lucreative than mere brand awareness; endorsements on Fitmoo allow you to earn referral credits off of every purchase made using your link to products in the Fit Store. You can also open your own Fit Store to sell your own gear.
Endorse Products
You have a lot of influence online. Your followers listen to your product recommendations, but sponsorship contracts can be hard to land and annoying to keep track of. On Fitmoo, you can endorse any product in the Fit Store and earn a 5% referral credit when one of your followers uses the link to purchase.
Open a Fit Store
The Fit Store also allows you to sell your own gear. Anything from products, services, and classes can be sold on Fitmoo. To list, go to your post box and click "Sell" at the top of the box. Fill out the required fields and click post. It only takes a few seconds, and listing is always free. Your follwers can also endorse anything you are selling, which is basically free advertising for you.