Reach New Members
Fitmoo User Guide
Maintaining a website is tough. As a social media + marketplace Fitmoo was designed to make it easy for you to connect with your members online without the IT nightmare or limitations of general social media sites.
Create your Community
Creating a community is the first step. First click "Start a Community" and fill out some basic information. Once you finish, you can create event, add classes to your schedule, endorse products, sell products, and post pictures, videos & updates. Fitmoo users will be able to find you by location or keyword and join your community to get all of your updates.
Instant Calendar Sync
As you add your classes to your community, members are able to view your schedule and instantly sync it with their personal Google calendars. Visit the "Schedule" tab in the left navigation under your community page image and see the "Sync" buttom in the upper right corner. When clicked the user is prompted for their Gmail account information and your schedule will be imported into their calendar so they can always have access to it.
Selling products can help your business, but we know that ecommerce is challenging to manage on your own, especially when you are already running a gym. This is why we have created the Fit Store. You can sell, endorse, and buy products easily within the platform.
Sell Products
Listing products is easy. Go to your post box and click "Sell" at the top. There will be descriptive fields that you can fill out to describe options like color and size. Once complete, click post and your product is now listed. Listing is always free. Other Fitmoo users will have the option to endorse products, which basically works as free advertizing for you. They will receive a referral credit for their endorsements, but that comes from us, not you.
Endorse Products
You may not sell your own products, but you certainly know what the best gear is out there. That knowledge is worth something, and now you can make money off of that insight. Endorse products to your community members and on your personal Fitmoo profile and when someone purchases a product using your link you will earn a 5% referral credit.