Fitmoo for CrossFit

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Fitmoo User Guide
Fitmoo was designed for CrossFit. Join communities, connect with other users, buy & sell gear, exchange tips & videos, and get motivated.
Join Communities
Communities can be everything, from boxes, to events, to charities, or groups of certain demographics like Ladies of CrossFit. Click on the Communities tab to browse, join, and start your own. Be sure to join the communities of the boxes you attend to get your daily WOD updates.
Post & Share
From your post box you can share updates, pictures, video proof of WOD completion, and even sell gear. Choose your type of post from the top of the box, be it a post, event, or product, and the box will show custom fields for your content.
Endorse Products
Is there specific gear you are just in love with? Visit the Fit Store to shop for new stuff or endorse your favorite finds. If you endorse something and one of your followers makes a purchase using your link, you will even get a referral credit for helping make the sale. This is free to do and won't cost you a thing.
Attend Events
As members of a Community, you can download a community calendar to sync with your Google calendar instantly. Click on "Schedule" in the left Community navigation and click the "Sync" button at the top right to get started.
Be sure to create a community for your box. You can post class schedules, WOD, sell products, list services, participate in distance coaching, and get some serious exposure to an entire new potential client base.
Create Your Community
Your box's community is essential. Communities with an online presence have been automatically created in our system. Before you create one from scratch, do a search in the Communities tab for your box to see if you can save yourself a few steps. If it isn't there, initial setup takes only a few moments.
Build Your Community
Like any social networking platform, your Fitmoo experience is maximized when you have lots of followers and community members. Offer incentivies to your members in person or upload your email contact to invite more people to the platform. The more members and followers you have the more exposure you will have for your box and the more successful you can be when selling and endorsing products.
Update Your Schedule
Fitmoo users have the ability to sync Community schedules to their personal calendars in one click. Be sure to keep your class and event schedules updated and keep everyone in the loop.
Open Your Fit Store
Managing a box takes a lot of work, but you know you could increase your revenue by selling some gear. On Fitmoo you can easily become a brand and sell products through your own Fit Store. Your followers have the chance to endorse your products for a referral credit, built-in targeted marketing. The credit is only earned when the sale is completed.