Products sold on Fitmoo in the Fit Store may be endorsed by fans and followers, placing them in those respective social channels. A single product or service can potentially reach millions of users as they propegate through networks and newsfeeds. The cost of this exposure is quite low; endorsers only earn a small fee when something sells from their store.

Create an army of distributors through your most knowledgeable and loyal customers, reaching their networks and beyond without having to spend your time and resources on marketing or advertising.

Becoming an approved seller is easy and completely free. Engage a global audience of fitness enthusiasts and distribute at prices you set. Click here to begin.

Compared to other more expensive and restrictive online distribution channels, our sellers are not bound by silly pricing rules, complex sign-up and compliance procedures, or static platform return policies.

Every seller has complete control over their selling prices & post-sale customer care. An approved seller may list thousands of products for free.
Better Margins
Create price parity across distribution channels or use Fitmoo to sell excess inventory at discounted rates. Set any margin on any product and change those prices whenever you want. You can change your prices to reflect inventory levels, demand curves and seasonal adjustments, there are no restrictions whatsoever for selling at any price. Shipping costs are easily customized by individual state and weight from your seller dashboard.
New Customers
Take advantage of Fitmoo’s audience of millions of loyal fitness enthusiasts, social influencer fans, and shoppers to build a direct relationship with the customers you acquire.
Fair Marketplace
Fitmoo’s marketplace is not biased in anyway towards one brand or another. There is one simple, transaction-only fee policy and one small consistent referral fee for affiliate sales. Credit card processing fees are passed on without mark-up directly to the seller. As a seller you are free to set your own prices, shipping fees, and return policy.
Simple Integration
Apply to sell your own products or immediately start selling approved merchants’ products by endorsing them in your own Fit Store. You can even mix and match: sell your own products next to products you are endorsing from other sellers.

Take Control
As a seller, you can track all your and sales and income from endorsements from your custom dashboard. From that dashboard you can also change prices at any time, adjust inventory levels and shipping costs, cancel orders and communicate with buyers. Fitmoo makes it easy to market, distribute, sell, manage, and provide post-sale customer care.

Distribute through influencers, customers, fans & followers.
List your products, goods, & services- as many as you want.
Customize your prices, set shipping rates & return policy.
Invite your ambassadors, fans, and customers to endorse.

Any user can distribute any approved seller's merchandise without being approved themselves. This is called “endorsing”, not selling. Endorsers earn 5% on all sales that happen from their store.

Any users on Fitmoo can endorse someone else’s products and services and start selling immediately, no approval required. The “endorse” feature can be found on the picture or page of every product in every store on Fitmoo.

Users can share those products they endorse with their networks outside of Fitmoo using the share feature, linking their friends back to that specific product in their Fitmoo store, resulting in higher sales volume

All Shippable Items - Products, Gear and Supplements
+ transactional expense passthrough

All Non-Shippable Items - Events, Classes & Memberships, including Services
+ transactional expense passthrough

Referral Distribution Fee
Paid to Referring Party
5% if sold from a store on Fitmoo other than your store or the Fit Store
Questions? Contact our sales team.